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It was late and very windy (edit: hurricane force) last night and I'd decided to go outside to fix up the wheelie bin, when suddenly all the lights went out.
You have no idea how scared I was in that moment. There I was, close to the road, about to fix up the rubbish and then I couldn't see anything.
I'm not afraid of the dark or anything, I just have other issues with it.
At that moment I decided I'd go back inside. On my way back I nearly fell into a bush, went straight into Dad's car and an alarm nearby had decided it wanted to go off.
As I got back to the door, I realised it was our alarm. Wonderful. Inside, everything was pitch black. The alarm by then had woken up everyone who lived in the main part of the house. Except Scott. (WTH!?)
We tried to turn off the alarm, but for some reason it wouldn't work. It wasn't until Mum tried minutes later it did. (Huh?)
Everyone was then sent off to bed and that was the end of that. Mostly.

Me? I read The Chronicles of Narnia under candlelight for about half an hour and then tried to sleep through the winds.


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